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Pioneering chemical free living
June 7, 2020

We have been very busy working on new things and are so excited! Our natural home and body care range has a new logo and packaging. Over the last 4 years we have been developing a range that is effective, chemical free, 100% natural, cruelty free and made with a few, simple ingredients. Our founder Ricky has been living with full blown Multiple Chemical Sensitivity since 2011 which means his body is not able to tolerate even small exposures to chemicals. This led him to finding a team who could help him develop products that were safe for him to use and that he could trust.

Our range includes hand made soaps, shampoo bars, traditional liquid castile soaps and laundry powder. Our newest additions are a gentle soap for babies and a soap for dogs which naturally repels fleas and ticks.

About our products and their new look

Ricky’s Drifts soaps are made using the pristine mountain water found in Vanwyksdorp in the Klein Karoo. The additives we use like aloe and pomegranate are naturally grown without pesticides and many of them are locally grown. All of our products are hand made and processed by our team of artisans and community members.

The African Hoopoe holds a very special place in all of our hearts and has come to symbolize the love that is in all we do here on the farm. Holding wisdom and an inner sense of regality, she reminds us to touch mother earth to bring balance and connection.

Some say the fabric of love lies in beauty. and that when we look upon the beauty of the natural world it has the power to fill us with love. We chose to focus our packaging on the natural beauty contained in our soaps, to celebrate, inspire and call you home to the essence of life.

We have put a lot of time and energy into solving the problems that come with plastic free packaging. Our packaging is now reusable or recyclable and the soap boxes are all printed on a 100% recycled paper NAUTILUS® Classic. Finding a solution for our laundry powder was by far the most challenging. Initially we were going to go with a simple brown paper bag and label but weight and shipping was an issue. It was very important for us to avoid plastic and we needed something airtight. So we finally chose to go with a tin which keeps our powder loose and easy to use. It is also reusable and recyclable with a wonderful old world Karoo feel about it.

Where to from here?

Our core value and commitment to treating nature with love now follows all the way through to the product you hold in your hands. It is with great enthusiasm that we move our business sustainably forward during these challenging times. With the hope that once this is all over, the new normal will be one with the Earth and all of nature at its core.

If you would like to view our effective, chemical free, natural products and their new packaging take a look at our online shop.

With love and zero chemicals,

The Ricky’s Drift team.

If you would like to find out more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity click below

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