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Our handcrafted natural soap journey starts with Ricky’s search for somewhere safe in this modern world. A space free of synthetic chemicals and toxins. He discovered a farm set in the Karoo Mountains with pristine water and some of the cleanest air in the world. The farm began to attract a community of people who shared this vision of being centred on zero chemicals. Finally he has found a place where living with Multiple Chemical sensitivity is almost bearable. Yet he was still dreaming of handcrafted natural soap and other body care products that he could trust.

Who creates our handcrafted natural soap?

Pam joined the team to help Ricky create artisan soaps that were safe for him to use. Making small batches of soap means we can make sure they contain zero toxins. There is no longer a risk of Ricky being accidentally exposed to the hidden chemicals. He encountered this problem with so many other products. Pam began experimenting with local Karoo olive oil as the base for our handcrafted organic soaps. What she produced far surpassed all of our expectations and we began adding new varieties.

Using locally grown additives like Aloe, Spekboom, Rooibos, Pomegranate and Cannabis leaf we created a soap for every need. Each additive has healing and soothing properties. Our Specially formulated, cold pressed soap recipe creates deeply moisturising and soothing soaps. One of the best lathering soap bars Ricky had used. They left his skin felt feeling clean and fresh like a Karoo morning. Finally he had the finest chemical free soap that contains only natural ingredients.

Handcrafted natural soaps and body care products made on our farm in the Karoo

Our community had so much fun with the process of making handcrafted organic soap and were all so pleased with the soap bars. We went on to create Traditional Liquid Castile soaps, shampoo bars and a laundry powder.

The laundry powder especially changed so much in Ricky’s daily life. Commercial laundry powders are one of the worst contaminants and even residue on someone else’s clothing makes him terribly sick. Last but not least we created a deeply moisturising, enriched cream perfect for the dry harshness of the Karoo. Ricky finally had the organic home and body care products he had been missing out on for years because of his multiple chemical sensitivity.

Our range of effective and versatile liquid castile soaps. The fragrance free option is especially good for sensitive skin as it contains no essential oils.

Ricky began giving our all natural handmade soap bars to friends and family who started coming back for more. Inspired by the positive response to our organic handcrafted soaps we realised we wanted to share these biodegradable and effective soaps with other people.

Cultivating our artisan team of soap makers

As demand for our products grew Pam was joined by Estelle a local artist and guest house owner. Estelle is a creative and her out of the box thinking is helping to take our chemical free range forward. She has taken charge of orders from our growing list of stockists and handles customer care. We recently launched our all natural soaps online store which Estelle manages. Dealing personally with each customer’s order and sending off parcels for delivery.

So our South African handmade soap company was born. As our passion for artisan soap has flourished so has the work load. In August last year we invited Eve to join our team. She showed a keen interest in learning how to make natural, handmade soap and has proven to be a valuable addition to the team. Originally from Uganda, Eve’s dream is to one day take her soap making skills back home to start her own business. Eve is deeply involved with each step of our cold pressed soap making method. We don’t know what we would do without her.

A thriving future for our handcrafted natural soaps and the environment

Together our team of artisans work consistently on the quality of our plant based soaps and our natural care products. Our team of artisans handcraft each product in small batches. Produced with local Karoo olive oil, we are so proud of our South African handmade soaps. Our water is pristine and comes from an ancient aquifer. Our natural additives are only the freshest and grown locally without pesticides or chemicals. We know it’s the best natural soap you could use with such a unique Karoo flavor. We believe in order to respect life we need to create and use products that are good for us and for the environment.

Our new website has a secure payment gateway and reliable shipping. The vision we hold is to give people and the environment more natural options and healthier choices in this increasingly chemical world. We hope that more people will be able to find our handcrafted soaps online in South Africa. Together we can help turn the tide on the chemical saturation of our bodies and nature. Handmade, in small batches at Ricky’s Drift, with love and zero chemicals…

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