The origins of Ricky's Drift

Ricky's Drift is a farm set in the foothills of the Rooiberg Mountains in the Klein Karoo district in South Africa.
Founder members of the farm are Ricky Ball and Louise du Toit. Ricky bought the farm in 2013 as a sanctuary for himself and for other people suffering from chronic medical conditions.

Ricky's life was forever changed in 2011 when he developed full blown Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He was forced to withdraw from a world where most bodies, buildings, vehicles and even open spaces are saturated with a cocktail of chemicals. Excluded from most activities, places and events by his body's inability to tolerate even small exposures to ordinary, everyday things like soap, shampoo and laundry products, he searched for somewhere safe.

Handmade Soaps

Our soap bars, castile liquid soaps and laundry powder are strictly plant based and chemical-free.

A Clean Getaway in the Karoo

Take in some of the cleanest air in South Africa when you book your stay in one of our four accommodation options at Ricky's Drift

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