Mindful living in the heart of the Klein Karoo

Vegan farm community, accommodation and animal sanctuary

Vegan Accommodation


Our tents are finally ready for you.

Come chill as close to nature as it gets.

Meet other vegans in our cruelty free kitchen or hang out with the locals in the chill lounge.

Vegan Farming

Modern agriculture has failed us.  We see that there is an urgent need to find new ways of producing our food and of relating to the land, the animals and one another.  With this in mind, we are creating models of a new, mindful way of farming that respects life and that rebuilds rather than destroys.  

We are about healing, from the ground up.

Animal Sanctuary

Recognising the great debt that we owe to the animals;  those that we have enslaved, tortured and continue to treat like commodities as well as those whose natural habitat we destroy and whom are persecuted in the greatest genocide ever witnessed on this planet, we offer sanctuary to the few that we can care for, allowing them to live out their natural lives with as much dignity, autonomy and peace as we can create around them. 

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