Handmade Soaps

Our soap bars, castile liquid soaps and laundry powder are strictly plant based and chemical-free.

Looking to lower your daily chemical exposure?

The best place to start is with what you are using on your body and around your home. Removing unnecessary chemical at this level is a meaningful first step in creating a healthy and happy life. Not just for you but for the planet and all life.

All of our packaging is plastic free and our soap boxes are printed on 100% recycled paper. Please help us complete the cycle by recycling.

All we do is centered around zero chemicals

Ricky's Drift is a chemical and cruelty free farm set in the foothills of the Rooiberg Mountains in the Klein Karoo, South Africa.
Ricky bought the farm in 2011 after developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). He was forced to withdraw from a world where bodies, buildings, vehicles and even open spaces are saturated with chemicals. With his life forever changed he sought to create sanctuary for himself and others suffering from chronic health conditions.

Our community has come together around this vision. Our food garden and olive trees are organic and our farm cottages have zero emissions or off gassing. Ricky’s body can’t tolerate even small exposures to everyday things like soap, shampoo and laundry powders. This left him searching for something safe for him to use.

A Clean Home in the Karoo

Our clean home in the Karoo, where we breathe some of the cleanest air in South Africa. A place of great beauty and stark contrast is where our community calls home.

Plant based and chemical free hand made soaps

In 2015 Pam joined our team with her soap making skills to help provide Ricky with chemical free body care products he could trust. Ricky realised how important it is for our health and the health of the environment not to load our systems with more chemicals.

We began experimenting with hand crafted soaps using locally grown organic olive oil as the base. What she produced exceeded all of our expectations and led to the development of this range. Now including handmade soaps, liquid soaps, shampoo bars, washing powder and an enriched cream.
We are always committed to creating products that you and Ricky can trust, made with love and zero chemicals.

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